The whole farm is 100% organic, fully immersed in the Umbrian hills at about 1700 feet of altitude. We consider our products tiny treasures to share.

Our EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is produced keeping the highest quality possible in all the production processes. Form the harvest of the olives, to the cold pressing, obtaining a product with minimal concentration of peroxides and acidity that can be classified “Healthy-Oil” with regards to the polyphenols, organic antioxidants of enormous health value.

Whomever utilizes our Olive Oil, not only appreciates its great fragrancies on salads, vegetables, meats, or soups; but also for its anti-aging and pain-relieving properties. (see source articles)

The vapor distillation of our aromatic herbs is meticulously timed to obtain the highest concentration of beneficial substances. As far as Lavender is concerned, the best time is at the beginning of flowering, oil extraction happens in a short time and the final product is immediately packaged in anti-UV dark glass containers to preserve its priceless characteristics.