Come and enjoy a week of Digital Detox in a stone house built in the 1600’s

You will stay in an historical stone house and remain enchanted by the views, the “loud” silence of Nature, living a real OFF THE GRID experience where everything is regulated by conserving resources  and sustainability.

Podere Vallescura spreads out for over 230 acres in the green hills of Umbria, in the center of Italy. Since no utilities reach our land, all the energy necessary to run the farm and the houses is self produced and self consumed, no telephone poles, no power wires, no aqueduct is present here. Electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels and wind generator, then stored in large batteries to be consumed. Hot water is produced by solar panel and, if the sun is absent by wood heaters. Drinking water comes from a spring within the property. All of this can give you a true Off-The-Grid experience without contamination of the modern world.

 Things you can do around here

You can visit medieval cities, or the most hidden archeological sites of this beautiful region that is still crystalized in a serene past

Palazzo Dei Priori-Perugia
The PRIORI Palace in the center of Perugia is about 30 minutes from Podere Vallescura

art mixed in with daily life

where rural friendliness is mixed with social life

and the sacred mixes with nature


Would you like to re-connect with Nature?

Here at Podere Vallescura, mother Nature is always kept as the most important asset. Interiors and exteriors are fused together to allow for your full immersion in the natural environment.

What can you do here?

Partecipate in harvesting olives or aromatic herbs

Olive BIO del Podere Vallescura

we will point out the various properties of the oils and how to use them, to appreciate all of their culinary and health characteristics

Rediscover the true flavor of just-laid eggs, of just-picked from the trees fruits …

Eggs produced by our ORGANIC and FREE RANGE raised hens

and the pleasure to use our natural soaps with unique characteristics.

Come and “play” with our animals.


Soc. Agr. Podere Vallescura s. s.  Address: Str. Casa Frontile Tegolaro 2 

06134 Perugia (Rancolfo)


Simone Santuari +39-335-5749662

Simona Stacchezzini +39-335-5255764


Simone Santuari e Simona Stacchezzini